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The Musical Family

The musical family is enjoying practicing the Language of Music. Fun 🙂

Training the Brain to Become Pitch Perfect

The findings suggest that adults can acquire absolute pitch even without that early exposure to pitches and musical labels.


The Sounds of Science

Trevor Cox investigates the science of sound research (1/2). Bad Vibes and Good Vibrations. Why do we find some sounds pleasant while others grate on the ears?  Continue reading “The Sounds of Science”

African Music Tradition, a talk by Alfred Ladzekpo

Alfred Ladzekpo, a master drummer from the Ewe tribe in Ghana and a Prof. of music in Cal Arts (USA), is talking about his music tradition. He is referring to music as a language, learning through listening , social aspects, improvisation and much more… BigEar has much respect.

How to truly listen

A great presentation by deaf musician, Evelyn Glennie. What could be a better post to start with? Listen. BigEar like!

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