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A Song For Santa Challenge. Win Genelec G One

At Christmas, music is everywhere. And this year we’ve joined forces with Big Ear Games to bring you our ‘Song for Santa’ challenge. This makes it easy for you to create your very own festive tune, plus you may even end up with an extra special present!
Use the Coupon Code GENELEC by 27th Dec 2020 to enjoy All Access till 1.1.2021.

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For more info, check out the Link

Darwin on Music, Love and Language

“before acquiring the power of expressing their mutual love in articulate language, [men and women] endeavored to charm each other with musical notes and rhythm.”   –  Darwin

Read:   Music Really Is the World’s Universal Language

Pitch, Timing and Timbre in Music and Language Processing

Listen up: From Mozart to Mr. Rogers: Literacy, Music and the Brain

How to truly listen

A great presentation by deaf musician, Evelyn Glennie. What could be a better post to start with? Listen. BigEar like!

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