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Language of Music

Darwin on Music, Love and Language

“before acquiring the power of expressing their mutual love in articulate language, [men and women] endeavored to charm each other with musical notes and rhythm.”   –  Darwin

Read:   Music Really Is the World’s Universal Language

Pitch, Timing and Timbre in Music and Language Processing

Listen up: From Mozart to Mr. Rogers: Literacy, Music and the Brain

Music as a Language – Listen up!

The Musical Family

The musical family is enjoying practicing the Language of Music. Fun 🙂

The Meaning of Music

Michael Tilson Thomas is giving a great overview of the meaning of music as an emotional language and channel of expression.

“…you know all that you need to know, you can start anywhere…”

Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale

“… regardless of where I am, anywhere, every audience gets that…”   from “Notes and Neurons”

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